New Private Equity Negotiations programme launched

Three-day Executive Education course will teach dealmakers how to avoid pitfalls and maximise outcomes during private equity negotiations

New Private Equity Negotiations programme launched 1140x346

London Business School (LBS) has announced a new Executive Education programme, Private Equity Negotiations.

Private equity dealmakers often fall victim to predictable errors and biases that negatively affect value creation and negotiation outcomes.

Private Equity Negotiations walks mid-to-senior career-level buyers, sellers and advisors with exposure to private equity markets through the deal-making process with a view to maximising negotiation outcomes.

Taught by leading LBS Professors Florin Vasvari and Niro Sivanathan, participants benefit from a multidisciplinary approach that addresses both the financial terms and the human biases that shape the negotiation process.

Professor Vasvari, an expert in private equity and co-Academic Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital at LBS, said the new programme filled an important gap in the market.

“This program delves into the intricate world of private equity negotiations, equipping participants with the tools and insights needed to navigate complex deal-making scenarios.

“Participants will explore the key phases of PE transactions, from due diligence to term sheet formulation, and learn about structuring win-win deals,” he said.

His programme co-Academic Director Professor Sivanathan highlighted the importance of psychology in private equity negotiations.

An award-winning researcher and teacher specialising in negotiation and influence, Professor Sivanathan’s TED talk on the counterintuitive way to be more persuasive is one of TED’s 10 most influential talks of 2021.

He said: “In the heat of the deal making process, competent and well-intentioned founders and fund investors often fall victim to a set of predictable errors, biases and pitfalls that destroy value.

“Thus, in addition to the economics of deal structuring, the programme also covers the psychology and mindset that is needed to be a sophisticated deal architect in navigating such deals.”

Private Equity Negotiations is a three-day in-person programmes delivered at LBS’s London campus. The first intake will begin 5 June 2024.