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We begin by listening. Whatever your goals and aspirations, our learning solutions are designed and customised for your organisation’s needs.

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From understanding to ideas

Through our approach to learning, we understand your needs and enable your organisation to transform.

Whatever challenges you’re seeking to address, we make no assumptions about the solution and co-create your road map to impact together. Through close discussions, we dig deep to better understand your organisation’s unique challenges. We translate that understanding into high-level ideas and create impactful learning for your people, challenging you and surfacing new insights along the way.

Our team, led by an expert Client Director, combines deep learning and business consulting experience, anchored within a world-leading academic institution.


"We approach each client with an open mind, careful to avoid any preconceptions."

Nefeli Sotiropoulos

Client Director



Learning design that challenges the status quo, and achieves unrivalled impact.

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Powerful learning that starts with you

Our programmes are not conventional – we design innovative learning solutions from scratch for every client. Once we gain a crystal-clear understanding of your organisation, we apply our expertise and experience of learning design to your strategy and context.

We work closely with you to create a bespoke learning journey for your people. Together we design powerful participant experiences, which draw from our world-class academic thinkers and cutting-edge research.

We leverage our expertise in learning design to bring together the best of dynamic face-to-face and digital learning, with the impact of practical and applicable tools and skills for your people.

Our learning journeys inspire innovative thinking and courageous behaviour in your people, embedding new ways of working in your organisation. We mix the thrill of learning with a clear link back to real, applicable skills and knowledge, and foster collaboration, innovation and experimentation.

We are experts in designing learning solutions for clients around the world, with programmes tailored to deliver impact in your global and local context.


"Design starts with humility – we listen, we inquire, we invite critique."

Tim Sylvester

Director, Learning Design & Innovation



A practical, outcome-driven approach, from the start.

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We accelerate transformation

Our approach is practical, outcome-driven, and focused on the end in mind. As we move past the design phase and into the development of your customised learning solution, our next steps are guided by the change and impact you want to create.

We combine the very best of learning design with a passion and drive to deliver an outstanding participant experience for you and your people that goes beyond the classroom.

We provide a seamless, simple and agile client experience as we build your learning solution together. We understand that your business is fast-paced and demanding, and we adapt to meet your needs throughout the delivery of the project.


"We have unrivalled experience in operationalising learning solutions globally."

Katie Byrne

Director, Client Experience

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We harness the very best of ourselves – our best thinking and our best people – to deliver unforgettable learning with impact.

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A shared vision made reality

Our drive for excellence and passion for learning are at the forefront of the learning experience we deliver for you. Our expert programme teams bring to life the learning solution which we have co-created, working hard to match your ambition and needs. We evaluate, review and refine our approach as our partnership grows into a powerful long-term relationship.

We care deeply about the learning experience of each and every participant, and the impact they bring back to your organisation. Learning is just the beginning. We give your people the tools they need to make a difference – for you and for them.

We offer the unrivalled ability to deliver seamlessly anywhere in the world. We can meet your needs at scale and at pace, to accelerate transformation and power your future.


"We pride ourselves
on creating powerful experiences to leverage your company's culture."

Rowena Taylor

Director, Customer Experience

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