The future of work and hybrid working

Listen as Kathleen O’connor explores how the pandemic has changed how, when and where work should be done


What does the future of work look like? 

In this episode of Leadership Playbook, Kathleen O’Connor, Clinical Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Director of Executive Education at London Business School, is joined by a distinguished panel, who discuss how the pandemic has changed perceptions of when and where work should be done, covering remote versus co-located working, flexible hours, and even four-day weeks. 

Finally, the panel looks at the rise of AI and how this has raised the question of ‘how work is done’ and even what the work is. 

The panel includes Juliet Ehimuan, Director of Google West Africa, Richard Downs, Founder and CEO of, and Catherine Moore, Managing Director of Commercial Banking EMEA Solutions at J.P. Morgan Chase Commercial Banking.

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