Can taxes make businesses more sustainable?

Listen as two experts discuss the role of taxation in influencing companies and countries to act more sustainably


In this episode of the Why podcast, London Business School’s Marcel Olbert discusses the role of taxation in companies and governments with Alenka Turnsek of EY. 

While there isn’t one global system of holding companies accountable for their sustainability efforts, there are several different country-wide efforts ongoing. 

Tax incentives seem to be working, for example, in the US where the Inflation Reduction Act has come into play. In Europe, there are other measures and relief being introduced -- some of which have been around supporting green technologies for many years. 

But where does that leave other countries? Particularly those who aren’t in such a privileged position to make sustainability their top priority. And what happens to those poorer countries who may take the brunt of more economically powerful countries offsetting their carbon emissions further afield? Isn’t this the equivalent of dumping one’s rubbish over the neighbour’s fence? Our experts discuss all this and more. 

Regulations are also key, according to our academic research. Collaboration too, will be necessary to make further strides in making companies more sustainable. 

Listen and learn more. 

Marcel Olbert is Assistant Professor of Accounting at London Business School and Alenka Turnsek is a partner at EY, based in London, leading the EMEIA Tax Sustainability practice. Katie Pisa is Senior Editor of Think at London Business School.

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