Xiaochuan Lu

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Part-time
  • Global Nationality: Chinese

Previous degree: Bachelor

Finance sector pre-MiF: Fixed Income Investment

Previous or current role: Fixed Income Trader

Clubs: Finance Club

About me: Xiaochuan Lu moved from Shanghai to London several years ago, embarking on a new life and career journey in one of the world's most diverse cities. Xiaochuan's professional focus has long been on fixed income areas, and now she is driven by a strong desire to have a larger stage.

The MiFPT program at London Business School, tailored for experienced individuals seeking advanced knowledge and career-oriented support, aligns perfectly with Xiaochuan's goals. The curriculums of the program are meticulously designed to cater to students' specific needs, ensuring they acquire the expertise necessary to excel in their chosen field.

What excites Xiaochuan most is to engage in extensive discussions with professors and classmates from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This exposure makes Xiaochuan broaden her perspectives and foster fresh insights. The LBS community, renowned for its diversity, is where she believes to find like-minded peers and establish enduring connections.

Wherever the life takes her in the future, Xiaochuan is committed to following in the footsteps of LBS alumni, upholding and promoting the values of LBS through professional competence. LBS isn't just her dream school; it's the ideal platform for Xiaochuan to elevate her career and contribute meaningfully to the world of finance.

Email: xlu.mifpt2025@london.edu