Rui Chen

  • Degree Programme: Global Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Austrian

Education: Bachelors, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Austria; 2022

Subject: International Business Administration

Sector(s) of interest: Investment Banking, Private Equity

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: GMAT

About me: I'm Rui Chen, an Austrian native with a strong passion for table tennis. I spent years playing for the Austrian youth national team, which instilled perseverance and resilience in me.

I studied Business, Economics, and Social Sciences as my undergraduate degree. During that time, I discovered my great interest for Banking & Finance. In 2020, I founded the student association “Business & Finance Club Vienna” that provides an educational platform for students interested in Finance. Currently, the student association is among the leading ones in Austria and has established partnerships with leading companies. It gives students in Austria the opportunity to explore the world of finance and network with professionals.

Recognized for its global reputation and as a launchpad for finance careers, I chose London Business School (LBS) to pivot towards investment banking. Additionally, I aim to deepen my understanding of Chinese business and culture. To achieve this, I chose the Global Masters in Management (GMiM) programme jointly offered by LBS and Fudan. This unique experience aligns perfectly with my aspirations in Banking & Finance while expanding my global perspective. With a close-knit cohort of GMiM students, it fosters a strong sense of belonging, akin to a tightknit family. 

Three topics I can be approached about: LBS application essays 

Contact: rchen.mim2024@london.edu