Radhika Taneja

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: Indian

Education: Bachelors, Manipal Institute of Technology, India; 2023

Subject: Computer Science and Engineering with Digital Marketing

Sector(s) of interest Consulting, Retail and Luxury, Digital Strategy

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Choosing the programme that best aligned with my skills and interests

About me: I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2023 from Manipal Institute of Technology, where I studied Computer Science and Engineering. While immersing myself in Data Structures and Algorithms on the academic front, I also took up several opportunities to explore careers outside of the field. I completed several internships in diverse sectors like E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Consulting, and Data Analytics. These experiences led me to a minor in Digital Marketing.

At Bain, I interned with their ESG function, which allowed me to appreciate careers in sustainability and DE&I. At Publicis Sapient, I honed my skills of Data Analytics and integrated them with my passion for Marketing. I realised that to deliver results for your code, you need to understand your clients' business model. Technology and business are two sides of a coin. This carved my way for a degree in Business Analytics. I feel confident in my choice to come to LBS because the MAM is the perfect amalgamation of analytics and management; allowing me to understand how business leaders generate solutions that drive strategic decisions.

I'm passionate about discussing socio-economic topics, enjoy creative and technical writing, and love exploring London!

Three topics I can be approached about: Applications, Moving to London, Making the most out of career events at LBS