Isabel Moreno

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Global Nationality: American/Spanish
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Strategy Analyst, Accenture

“I think around 90% of my class come from outside the UK. This diversity, both in terms of culture and professional background, has been one of the most interesting factors for me when working in my study group”

The perfect fit

“Coming from a business background, the Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM) appeared to deliver the perfect combination of data science and business, providing the knowledge I needed to derive business insights from data and affect change within organisations. It wasn’t just the academic rigour, but also this unique intersection that not a lot of programmes offered that attracted me. I believe the programme will complement my existing experience and enable me to improve decision-making within an organisation. With my goal of working in management consulting as a data analyst, combining strategy with data analytics, the MAM programme seemed to be the perfect fit.”

Learning by doing

“LBS fosters a remarkable learning experience, from the academic rigour of the programme to a hands-on approach through experiential learning. My undergraduate degree was very theoretical, whereas LBS provides a much more practical framework. This is exemplified through not only having professors that have worked in the private sector, but also through LondonLab and the Global Immersion Field Trips, which are key ways to apply what I'm learning in the classroom to real-life business situations. The courses that have most impressed me so far are Applied Statistics, Data Visualisation and Story Telling, Data Science for Business and Machine Learning for Big Data. I believe these courses will give me a solid foundation in data analytics and open the door to many opportunities to apply these skills in my future career.”

The world in one classroom

“I think around 90% of my class come from outside the UK. This diversity, both in terms of culture and professional background, has been one of the most interesting factors for me when working in my study group. I’m Spanish-American, and in my group alone there are people from Belgium, China, India and Austria. Additionally, some of us have a background in computer science whereas others have specialised in international business. This contributes massively to our group discussions as we approach problems differently, helping us to come up with more creative solutions to our group projects. We’re also able to learn from each other. One of my fellow students from a computer science background has educated me in areas I was previously unfamiliar with. Similarly, I’ve been able to share with them the knowledge I’ve developed through my business experience.”

A London experience

“Studying in London has been highly enriching to my academic and extracurricular pursuits. From an academic standpoint, London attracts a very diverse group of people from all over the world, which has been a big part of my experience. Another important aspect of studying in London is that the job opportunities here are incredible. There are countless opportunities within not only the finance space, but also in technology, and I think that being immersed in a global tech and startup hub is hugely important for a programme like the MAM. I am the consulting lead for the Women in Business Club and the speakers and events lead for Social Impact Week. The location of LBS has helped me make a bigger impact as I have more consulting firms within my reach, meaning it’s easier to communicate with them and bring them onto campus. For Social Impact Week, as well as making it easier to book speakers for the conference, being in London means it’s also easier to secure attendance. From a volunteering perspective, there are also a lot of opportunities to work with the community here, tackling social issues within the city. It's very enriching to the student experience to be able to interact with London’s community and make a positive social impact whilst studying.”

Join the club 

“The Women in Business Club was the club I really wanted to join when I came to LBS. I've always been very passionate about female leadership and promoting equality in the workplace, and the Women in Business Club is one of the biggest on campus, which made it a very obvious choice for me to join. I am also interested in consulting, which is what I’d like to pursue following graduation; my role as the consulting lead in the Women in Business Club is helping me develop my knowledge and connect with other students that are interested in this field. Serving as the only representative for my programme, my goals are to facilitate and improve the relationship that LBS Early Career students have with consulting firms, organise events and increase exposure to consulting, to better prepare students for a career in this field.”

World-wide network

“There are several avenues for mentoring opportunities at LBS. One is the informal route through the university’s network of current students, such as the connection between the MBA’s and Early Career programmes. For me, it's just been a matter of reaching out to those that are willing to help. Whether it be concerning the recruitment process for consulting or within other fields, simply asking people for a chat over coffee has been very impactful during my time here. As I’ve spoken with other students with more work experience, or that have already completed an Early Career programme at LBS, I’ve gained insight on how to better prepare for my courses and how to take advantage of all the opportunities the university offers. The other route for mentoring revolves around attending events, becoming part of clubs and reaching out to alumni through LBS’ student directory. Additionally, through resources like the e-mentoring online platform in the LBS Hub, you can find alumni organised by region. As I'm looking to move to New York City when I graduate, I’ve been able to find LBS alumni that have signed up for the mentoring programme, through which I can reach out, establish a relationship and receive advice.”

Isabel Moreno was a recipient of the MAM Merit Scholarship (LBS Fund)

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