Bring bags of ideas

Nothing is taken for granted – everyone is open to improvement”

Rowena Taylor

Director, Open Sales & Customer Experience

Rowena 1a

Diverse days

“I have helped shape the strategy for participant experience on our programmes and been a student on a risk management elective course, it’s clichéd but no two days are alike”

Growing with the School

“Moving to LBS I knew I was joining an esteemed organisation”

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“I spent my early career in the luxury retail sector, developing my skills at companies such as, Harrods, Selfridges and Louis Vuitton. I’ve always worked in organisations with a strong sense of identity.”

As I have progressed at LBS, I’ve been able to retain and apply my knowledge - to implement our internationally recognised standards. I now lead the Customer Experience team, we are a team of over 40 delivery programme managers and programme support. Our strategic plans are bold. It’s exciting to operate in such a focused environment, with all colleagues driven by a common goal.”

Always a way to give back

“As a team we volunteered to host a tea party for our charity partner North London Cares, celebrating 50 years of Executive Education at the School. It was great to get to know our neighbours and step outside of our professional routines.”

Understanding individual needs

“Meeting my daughter from school and taking her to tap lessons makes every bit of difference.”

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“In my previous positions I was required to be on call 24/7. The separation between work and home was blurred. Here, I can refocus when I leave the office and give my daughter the attention she deserves! This may seem like a small thing that LBS offers but it makes a difference to me.”

Current opportunities

Advance your career – we are always open to passionate people. Join the team at our world-leading business school.