Transforming careers

“It’s so rewarding, being able to welcome the whole class into the LBS community and follow their careers as they go on to great things.”

Hami Dodangeh

Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Early Career Programmes

Hami Dodangeh New

Building a global brand

“You never stop learning new things and broadening your worldview''

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My role helps ensure that the quality and enrolment figures are met for the Early Career student intakes which comprises of the MiM, GMiM, MFA and the newly launched MAM programmes. I review applications, interview candidates, and look after defined candidate and alumni groups.

A big part of my role is building relationships. The School offers a fantastic opportunity to network, it’s one of the strongest tools available to students and something I have come to really enjoy too. Where else are you immersed in a pool of such bright, talented and inspiring people?

Networking events frequently take me beyond our campus. I have travelled to India and Russia to meet with candidates and promote the School’s ethos more broadly. We receive 27-30 days annual leave and I often extend my overseas trips to explore a little more. I love meeting the locals, you never stop learning new things and broadening your worldview.

Embrace the community

“I work in a team of nine people, we are all from different countries

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“I have never been part of a more inclusive and diverse community. I joined LBS during our biggest ever recruitment year, a year which produced a Masters in Management class containing 48 unique nationalities and female representation of 51%, the first LBS programme to achieve parity. Our regional, Women in Business and Out in Business clubs showcase cultural and economic benefits to the School, prospective students and the workplace – we are reshaping the profiles of future business''

Support outside the School

“One of my colleagues is passionate about volunteering and has taken a four month sabbatical to pursue this''

Support inside the School

“I love having such a dynamic range of courses available to further my own learning and development”

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Shared interests

“There are so many LBS clubs to explore your interests with like-minded people”

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Every morning I log in to our FT Daily subscription - I am a keen follower of politics and current affairs. I also enjoy tennis and recently joined our Tennis club. I’m keen to play more regularly, the same goes for visiting the gym and wellness centre.

I don’t think there are enough days in the year to try out all of the School’s clubs, but I plan to check-out the Film club next.

A fresh perspective

“I would love to be in Professor Eli Talmor’s shoes for one day.”

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Professor of Accounting and founder of Private Equity at LBS; Professor Eli Talmor is a world-renowned expert. I find Private Equity and Venture Capital fascinating. I’d like not only to teach and mentor the future leaders, but also shape the fundamental understanding of an industry. Not to mention working on cutting-edge research. That is a big agenda for just one day, but we are an ambitious bunch here at London Business School!

Current opportunities

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