Stefano De Cesaris

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Accounting

MSc (LUISS Guido Carli)

Dr Stefano De Cesaris’s professional background is in investment banking; he worked at Goldman Sachs in M&A and Equity research at the start of his career and has subsequently continued to work with investment banks and investment funds as a consultant and trainer. Stefano’s key area of expertise is hands-on corporate financial analysis, along the spectrum of financial accounting and financial statement analysis, corporate financial forecasting, corporate valuation and transaction analysis (M&A and LBO analysis). Stefano has over 15 years of experience teaching financial analysis to professional and student audiences worldwide.

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    • Financial Accounting
      Financial accounting is the language of business and aims to communicate results to owners and help investors estimate a firm's value. Learn the fundamental concepts behind financial accounting and how accounts can be read and interpreted.. Develop an understanding of the financial reporting process, with a particular emphasis on how financial statements are put together. See how they are used in the corporate world for shareholder equity and inter-corporate investment. You will be able to comprehend, analyse, and discuss the annual reports of firms ranging from a multinational's annual report to a start-up's business plan.
    • Financial and Managerial Accounting
      Modern analytics has endless applications at the intersection of financial and non-financial data. Explore and solve real-world problems and data sets and apply analytics in a financial setting. Analyse, explain and justify your findings to a VC general partner or a C-suite executive.
    • Securities Valuation and Financial Modelling
      Delve into issues such as business strategy, the reformulation of financial statements, structured forecasting and residual income valuation. Develop a thorough understanding of company value drivers and gain the ability to apply fundamental security analysis and valuation.. Use accounting information to produce a full financial model of the firm and understand how investors and analysts employ the financial model to appraise and value companies.
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