Aharon Cohen-Mohliver

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

PhD (Columbia)

Professor Mohliver is a Strategy scholar studying business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). His research helps organizations understand why misconduct emerges, and thus help them pre-empt behaviours that harm the organization or its broader stakeholder environment. In a related stream Aharon studies the implications of social polarization for firms wanting to engage in CSR.

Aharon’s research asks what drives firms or their employees to engage in behaviours that are viewed unfavourably by the broader stakeholder environment; for example, the information network in which the firm is embedded, competitive pressures, regulation, the firm’s own history and internal processes of hiring and promotion. Aharon studies these social antecedents of misconduct in a variety of settings; option backdating in financial markets, plagiarism in universities, neglect and abuse in elderly care-homes and over-prescribing of the drugs that fuel the prescription crisis.

In a related research stream, Aharon examines the implications of social polarization on the effectiveness of CSR.

Aharon’s research is published in leading academic journals such as Management Science, Organization Science and Administrative Science Quarterly, he serves on the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal and his dissertation was cited in primary legislation separating financial and non-financial holdings in Business Groups in Israel (2013). 

Before joining London Business School, Aharon served with Israeli PM Naftaly Bennett in the office of MP Benjamin Netanyahu (2005-2007) as his senior domestic policy advisor. Aharon advised the Israeli Securities Authority and the Committee on Competitiveness in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office (2010-2012). 

Aharon holds a PhD in Management from Columbia Business School, and Masters degrees from Columbia University (MA) and the Hebrew University (MA, Finance and Strategy). He was a Visiting Scholar at Yale School of Business in 2020.

Aharon is currently an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School where he taught courses on Strategic Management, Strategic Analysis, Sociological Foundations of Strategy and Behavioral Strategy to EMBAs, MBAs, Masters in Management, Executive Programs and PhD students. Aharon is the academic co-director of the LGBTQ+ ExecEd programme

Awards and Honours

  • Israel Securities Authority research grant for the study of Israeli Business Groups, 2011. (8,000 USD)

  • Donald C. Hambrick award for Excellence in the Ph.D. Program, Columbia Business School, 2009.

  • Corson Scholarship, Hebrew University, 2007-2008. (16,000 USD)

  • The Levi Eshkol Institute for Social, Economic and Political Research in Israel, Hebrew University, Research grant for project titled: "Family ownership and performance of Israeli largest firms" 2004- 2006. (3,000 USD)

  • Dean List of Excelence, Hebrew University Economics Department, 2004.

  • Ethics
  • Corporate governance and economic sociology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


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