Jean-Pierre Benoît

Professor of Economics; Fellow of the British Academy

BA (Yale) PhD (Stanford)

Professor Jean-Pierre Benoît is a fellow of the British Academy and a fellow of the Econometric Society. He is also a winner of the Best Teacher Award in the EMBA programme. He is an expert in microeconomic theory, industrial organisation, game theory, and law and economics. His research has been published in leading economics, political science and law journals, and encompasses a range of subjects, including auctions, voting theory, dynamic competition, entry deterrence, affirmative action, overconfidence and apparent behavioural biases. 

Professor Benoît is currently Chair of the Economics subject Area. Before joining the school, he was Professor of Economics and Professor of Law at New York University.

  • Game theory
  • Auctions
  • Law and economics
  • Voting
  • Social organisations and industrial organisation


Belief Elicitation When More Than Money Matters: Controlling for ‘Control'

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