Arianna Marchetti

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

MS (La Sapienza) PhD (INSEAD)

Formerly a PhD candidate in Strategy at INSEAD, Dr Arianna Marchetti joins London Business School as an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Her research lies at the intersection of strategy and organisation, taking a keen interest in the interplay between formal organisation design and organisational culture, and its implications for coordination and corporate performance – with a focus on innovation-intensive industries. Another of her passions is machine learning and AI, and their impact on research and society at large.

Arianna Marchetti discusses how humans and AI can work together. Click here to read the paper


Human-AI Ensembles: When Can They Work?

Choudhary V; Marchetti A; Shrestha Y R; Puranam P

Journal of Management 2023 In Press


Organizational cultural strength as the negative cross-entropy of mindshare: a measure based on descriptive text

Marchetti A; Puranam P

Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 2022 In Press

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      Enhance your strategic decision-making with Strategy Analytics. In today's data-driven world, big data and computational tools are crucial: Dive into their application for strategic choices. Building upon core strategy principles, explore the integration of big data and AI in strategic decision-making. This hands-on course emphasizes practical applications, letting you engage with real-world data. Marrying business and corporate strategy with appropriate analytical tools, you will understand how to apply analytical solutions reliant on big data for strategic decision-making. By the end of this course, you will have developed an understanding on the types of data and computational techniques that you can leverage to solve different classes of strategic problems, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions that drive success in today's complex business landscape.
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